IT Outsourcing

There are many reasons why organisations choose to outsource part or all functions of ICT. Whether this be to reduce costs, improve ICT reliability and service, gain greater flexibility or to be in a position to react quickly in an ever changing commercial world IT Outsourcing must be a strategic decision and must be scoped, planned and delivered professionally if it is to deliver the perceived benefits.

1Secure can help you get these decisions right. Our consultants all have extensive experience working in both outsource organisations and organisations which have been through major outsourcing and transformation projects. Using our experience and market knowledge we can:

  • Assist in identifying the correct scope, size and cost of any proposed outsourcing solution to ensure business fit
  • Identify and define the key criteria for any outsourcing agreement, covering issues such as staffing, competencies, security, environmental, disaster recovery, resiliency, and cost requirements.
  • Identify suitable outsources who can meet the needs for your outsourcing requirements (based on a combination of financial, technical and cultural fit)
  • Manage the tendering and short listing process
  • Undertake all elements of due diligence with potential suppliers
  • Manage the transformation programme and projects using our professional programme and project managers
  • Manage the HR elements and TUPE arrangements with our specialist HR professionals
  • Assess commercial offers against the industry bench mark to ensure value for money
  • Liaise with the supply to ensure all criteria is delivered before managing a transition process to ensure a smooth transfer into operations.

We can provide outsourcing solutions which are developed from using the best providers in the market that meet your strategic needs and can cover any or all of the following areas

  • Applications - maintenance, development of bespoke applications, procurement and licensing. Our application outsourcing solutions are designed to ensure you get best value from all your application in both the immediate and longer term.
  • Data Centre - provision of secure data centre environments whether this is fully supported, hosting only, virtualisation, or any other requirement relating to your data centre our solutions can help.
  • Network - Networks are growing in complexity our consultants can help you identify network solution providers who will help improve speed and performance, remove bottle necks, improve network security and ensure best value for money through standardisation.
  • Service Desk - poor response times, unresolved issues are just some of the problems organisations face with service desks. Our outsourcing solutions can help ensure you have a service desk which is cost effective, fit for purpose, sized appropriately delivered to your needs whether on or offshore.
  • Support - Again end user support is extremely important we can help you identify solutions which will allow efficient support within the right timeframes, whether remote or onsite desktop support we can help.
  • Security - We have in depth experience working with the providers of managed security services to reduce the overhead of operational security, whether it be vulnerability management, penetration testing, incident resolution or logging and auditing we can help you find the right solution.
  • Contact Centres - Managing contact centres is challenging and costly overhead for any business, our contact centre and customer service professionals can help you find the right provider for your needs whether on or offshore.