Programme and Project Risk

Programmes and Projects are critical to most organisations as they introduce new products and services, introduce new opportunities, lead to important business transformations and hopefully (if managed well) will lead a whole host of business benefits. Whilst overall programmes and projects offer these excellent benefits they also carry risks. How many programmes or projects have come in over budget, late or have not delivered the benefits expected of them?

The reason this often happens comes down to risk and issue management and either a failure to identify risks or the magnitude of them or a failure to communicate those risks to the right people at the right time.

This is where 1Secure can help. Our team of risk, project and programme management professionals can develop simple yet effective solutions for your project/programme risk management requirements. Using frameworks such as Management of Risk (MoR) and ISO 31000 we can help you find the right balance to allow successful programme and project delivery with risks being manageable and under control.